What People Have To Say About Pest Control Randburg.

Mr N. Hotama

Pest Control Randburg has shown exceptional care and regard for their customers and I didn’t feel any stress or worry about trusting your capabilities except for the health risks to my children which were settled professionally. I am now looking to get rid of mice that have been making noise in my mother’s house so I hope you keep to the standard of customer care with her as well, thank so much.

Ms J. Erraman

After a spider landing on my chest while laying on the couch I have not been able to feel safe in my house because I am really scared of spiders and my girlfriend doesn’t even seem to care so I personally decided to called Pest Control Randburg to ensure that our home is not being invaded by spiders and after their check ups I was told that there is no spiders but a large nest of termites have been found eating away the wooden structure and this helped us save thousands of rands in infrastructure repairs should the wooden block collapse before being repaired. I am glad I called you guys, thanks for the great work!

Mr K. Quiran

My parents have been having problems with cockroaches and Pest Control Randburg was more than happy to take care of all their needs and I was very surprised by the quote which was affordable yet very specific so I had to ask for servicing costs which are also low compared to what they entail so I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for great savings and lasting pest control services.

Mrs G. Shanon

Pest Control Randburg handled our bee problem very effectively without upsetting them so much, they were successfully transported to a nearby honey farm and I was left with a some pure honey which tastes really good, thank you for taking care of our bee problem and ensuring that we are safe during the removal.