About Us

Pest Control Randburg

The pest control company made for both business and homes!

Pest Control Randburg was formed by J. Havens and W. Ghaines who both have over 20 years in the pest control industry and since 2002 the new company has made its make in the Randburg pest control scene with forward thinking ideas that have changed the game.

The Randburg competitive business market has provided opportunities of innovative solutions to emerge from the tired and failing traditional pest control servicing methods.

Using Technology To Control Pests!

Pest Control Randburg has always been a promoter of using technology to drive business and open the world to new ways of doing s things with the latest pest control applications in our arsenal, we have always been prepared to handle all of your domestic and commercial pest control requirements.

Pest control designed to keep you protected for longer:

  • Executive Consultants:- Our pest control executives will help you get your pest control project of the ground through administrative processes that will provide a clear milestone towards completing your requested services.
  • Home of Innovation:- At Pest Control Randburg we are suppliers of electronic, custom built and designed deterrents to keep all your pests away effortlessly.
  • Ongoing Pest Control:- Our ongoing pest control services will provide you with long term strategies that will be executed by our great team of technicians of a scheduled basis.

Pest Control Randburg will be happy to assist you with getting rid of  all the bad bugs in your property, with our years of experience and great support crew, you will always be safe from pests.

Our customers are free to get in touch with Pest Control Randburg today and if you are new, we look forward to hearing from you, so what are you waiting for? Call us today!